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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recipe For Delicious and Fun Writing

By Amy Robinson and Marilyn Friedman

Oh, hello, dahlings! Thank you for joining us at the Writing Pad Blog. Help yourself to the decadent chocolate treats and make yourself at home. Enjoy the flickering candles, beautiful flowers, and kick off your shoes. Now let’s get playful AND productive with our writing selves. (No inner-critics are allowed inside our cozy little clubhouse, only bite sized chocolate rewards and praise.)
We have been having a great time here! We’ve settled into Writing Pad’s new beautiful, safe downtown LA location. The city views from our loft are boosting inspiration levels. 2009 has been full of fun classes, delicious food, cool people, and pens scribbling on the page.
Maybe you attended Marilyn’s “Erotic Writing Workshop” in February? That was some sassy prose! Wasn’t the Spiked Chili Stiletto Hot Chocolate the best thing you’ve ever tasted? Or maybe you’ve heard about Aaron Henne’s fantastic five session classes of So You Wanna Be A Writer and “Finishing School?” Aaron’s awesome prompts have us writing daily: come rain, shine or crazy work-day! And Adel Aschenbrener’s yummy savory appetizers like tortilla soup with avocado, limon, crema, queso fresco, and cilantro and desserts like tres leches cake with mango passionfruit sauce keep us coming back for more fun writing work- outs in class every week.
Or perhaps you’ve heard about Tim Grierson’s phenomenal one-day Movie Club classes where we use movies to inspire our writing and sharpen our craft? We had so much fun using “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to inspire “From Crazy Love To Crazy Good Writing” tales. It was a delicious blast, especially with Adel’s out of this world Portugese eggs and Chocolate/Orange scones to tantalize our tongues and our imaginations.

You must join us on Sunday, April 19th! We’ll be getting jiggy with our natural selves (even those of us who have to dig deep under highlights and nipple rings) with the Write the Road Less Traveled: Writing Pad Nature Walkworkshop, taught by our very own nature girl, Amy Robinson. Now you don’t have to choose between exercise, getting outdoors or writing. We wrap them all up for you in one tidy little day hike, decadent eco-friendly picnic and writing package!
We’ll keep you up to date about the inner workings of the Pad at, but now it’s time for you to go write something! Here is your free writing prompt:

Make a list of things that relax you/calm you down when you are really stressed out.
Pick one and describe it for 10 minutes in great detail including at least 2 of the 5 senses (Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch, or Sight--extra credit if you do a detailed job without using the sense of sight). Just have fun and reward yourself with your favorite treat afterwards!