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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Writing Prompt: Weird Family Ritual

by Marilyn Friedman    

Thanksgiving is nipping at our heels.  I don't know about you, but I'm mentally preparing myself for a healthy helping of delicious food with a side of family dysfunction.  This November, I'm thankful that we have a bunch of terrific writing classes at the Pad to take the pain away before the holidays descend upon us.  Most of them are quickie one-day or one-night stands, so they'll leave you plenty of time to prepare for holiday travel, company parties, and last minute shopping missions.

Relax, get inspired, and write your literary masterpiece in front of the cozy Writing Pad fireplace this November and December.  To sign up for a class, click "Buy Now" at the bottom of the class descriptions at the links below, call 323-333-2954, or email to grab a spot before they are full!

This Week:
Short and Sweet: The Art of The Short Story
Get Your Grimm On: Finding Your Inner Fairy Tale
Writing The Royalty Free Screenplay
Period Piece Power: Crafting A Historical Masterpiece

Next Week:
So You Want To Be A Writer? (ONLINE)
Plot It Out: Mapping A Compelling Journey
Be A Troublemaker! Mastering The Art of Conflict

Dec. 1 - 4:
Writing Pad Show and Tell
I Would Never Do That: A Taboo Tales Workshop
Your Name In Print: Get Your Story Published

Dec. 6 - 11:
The Found Story: Finding Your Story In The Street
Girls Gone Wild: Writing For The Female Audience
Microbudget Madness: Writing A Script You Can Actually Go Out and Shoot!
Get Your Foot In The Door: Develop Your Dream Script

Where's the turkey?  It's so small, I need a magnifying glass to see it.

Writing Prompt:
Make a list of 5 weird or unusual family holiday rituals (real or imagined).  Pick one.  Now write down a sensory detail (smell, taste, sound, touch) to go along with that situation or place.  Set the timer for 10 min. and write, and make sure that you include the sensory detail in your piece.  When you are done, post your write in the comments of this blog!

For example, at Thanksgiving, my family was so small that my mother didn't bother buying a whole turkey at the supermarket.  She just bought a capon breast.  Or, I might mention that my in-laws insist on passing plates when we go to a restaurant together.  So if I order duck and blackberry stuffed ravioli, I might only get a tiny bite because everyone else takes a swipe at my plate before I get it back.  I think that I will write about that!

Comment on this blog!  Write what comes to mind when I say, "weird family holiday rituals."  If you post your story in the comments of this blog, you could win a free class!

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