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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

August/September Writing Prompt Contest Winners

by Amy Robinson

It's getting downright chilly out there. Warm up at Writing Pad with fantastic writing classes and the cozy camaraderie of motivated writers. Our classes are now available at lower prices for Oct. and Nov. Call 323-333-2954 or email to reserve your spot now!

The comment contest for August/September was so close to call, it ended with a 3-way tie. Once again, the level of writing was really high! Great job, everyone! The winners of a free 2.5 hour class at Writing Pad are Victoria Pearson, Mary Lorraine Stewart and Lizzie Vance. Congratulations!

Victoria -When asked about her favorite place to write, Victoria responded: "As a beginning writer I must admit I have yet to develop a favorite place, not to mention time, to write. My favorite place to write is in my head. Thanks to Marilyn and the Writing Pad classes, I am getting better at focusing on getting my thoughts onto paper." How cool that your favorite place to write goes everywhere with you, no bulky overnight bag required!

Our second contest winner, Mary Lorraine, finds her muse in the clouds:Mary Lorraine's favorite place to write: "I love to write on airplanes. Whether furiously typing on my blackberry before the thoughts escape, or scribbling on the back of a SkyMall mag, I seem to get some great ideas up in the sky!" That is the single best use for a SkyMall Catalog that I have ever heard.

Lastly (but not leastly), Lizzie Vance:
When asked about her favorite place to write, Lizzie responded, "My favorite place to write is in my quiet little cubby at home. I love a strong cup of Don Francisco's and some classical Pandora at 5:00am, and I'm off and running!" That sounds like a great way to start the day!

Take a look at Victoria, Lizzie, and Mary Lorraine's fabulous comments (they each posted several great stories/poems) and all of the other terrific entries here. Also, please keep commenting. We LOVE your stories and you could be the winner next month!

Here's the new writing prompt that will start you on your journey to winning a 2.5 hr class in October/November!

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Writing Pad said...

Congratulations, ladies! Great job!

Keep on writing, everyone. You see there are many kinds of rewards in store. Gold stars on everyone's foreheads who participated over the last 2 months.