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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Writing Prompt: 1/5/10

Early January classes with the amazing teacher, Aaron Henne, are now almost completely full:

Email for more info. or call 323-333-2954.

Writing Prompt: Make a list of 5 New Year's resolutions or hopes and dreams. Pick one and write about it for 10 minutes. One of mine (now don't laugh) is to learn how to rap or hold a slam poetry class at Writing Pad in 2010. If you know of any potential teachers, let me know!

Post your story on the comments in the blog! What are your New Year's resolutions or hopes and dreams? A sentence or a mini-story will do. And you could win a free class for your comment!


beedeecee said...

One of my resolutions is to eliminate as much negativity as possible in my life, whether this means letting go of certain friends or habits. The older I get, the more I learn that I can control my happiness and how very important that happiness is in my life.

Brandy C.

Writing Pad said...

Hi Brandy,

I love this philosophical piece! I love "eliminate as much negativity as possible," and the importance of happiness in this piece. What a terrific New Year's resolution for your narrator! It's very relatable.

Thanks for posting!


Writing Pad said...

OK--Here's a New Year's resolution that I probably won't keep: drink less caffeine.

I only drink coffee 1-2x a year b/c it makes me as hyper as that squirrel in Over The Hedge. Scary! But the heavenly smell of freshly ground beans and cream in coffee is so deliciously tempting.

So I sip a little English Breakfast or Chai in the morning. It probably has the same amount of caffeine but doesn't make me do handsprings down the aisle of cubicles like a maniac.

impossible me said...

new years resolutions are all about finding ways to love yourself just a little bit more. work, relationship, health, family... personal pride is never overrated.

Writing Pad said...

Hi "impossible me",

I loved your encouraging write. I especially liked "love yourself just a little bit more" and the list of "work,relationship, health, family." Nice!

Right back at you--another serious resolution for me is that this is going to be the year that Writing Pad expands by leaps and bounds. I know it's going to happen. I can feel it in my Mary Janes. :)


Benny Blanch said...

I've never really been the person to set a New Year's resolution for myself because I have severely inadequate discipline and don't like breaking promises to myself or anyone else for that matter. However, that doesn't mean that I believe I'm flawless and excused from resolve, not the case at all, there are plenty of things in my behavior and thought that I would like to amend and ameliorate. Let's see her, what needs fixing? Health? Well besides the daily marijuana smoke, occasional drink and cigarette, I'm pretty happy with myself as a physical specimen. I'm thin and my endurance in sports and other vigorous activities seem to be unharmed from my hedonistic vices. Career? Well, I'm pretty unhappy with my job because I want to be a paid writer (much like many others on this site, typing away), but I've come to grips with the fact that I'm being paid decently, I'm only 24 and it's the worst job market in US history. So there's not much to resolve there...yet. If I'm 50 still at this same gig, something is wrong. Love? I'm lucky enough, after years of bachelorhood, ignored phone calls, one night stands and broken hearts, to have a loving girlfriend take me in. Ostensibly, it looks as though my life is grand, and shit, writing this out makes me think that way to. So why do I feel a longing for something more on a day-to-day basis. I think that feeling stems from the fact that I moved out to LA to be a writer and I'm not accomplishing that with anticipated immediacy.

I've been able to meet some great writers in my one year in LA and they all tell me the same thing, if you want to write, then you got to write. It's simple, the words are not going to appear on the screen unless I get in my chair, open up my laptop and start pounding keys. So, I guess that my resolution would be to write more and thanks to this website, my mojo scribe is returning!