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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Writing Prompt: Good Things Come In Small Packages

By Marilyn Friedman

We had an amazing TV Horror panel last Friday! 60 people heard Tim Minear, Lee Shipman, and Angela Kang share some very interesting stories about American Horror Story, Hemlock Grove, and The Walking Dead. Click here for pictures! 

And, if you're looking for something thrilling to do Tuesday night, join us at
Writers With Drinks at The Blind Barber. It's fun and free. 

This week and next week on the menu at Writing Pad is our Mini Writing Pad Bootcamp with bestselling author Brett Paesel, Twitter class with expert Rob Gokee (this Wed.--he has 14,500 followers and gets 90% of his freelance work on Twitter) and our Short Story class with multi-award winning writer, Maureen McHugh (Thurs., June 20). Maureen will show you how to write a thrilling tale with vivid details and characters. Her last collection of short stories "After The Apocalypse" won Publisher Weekly's best book of the year! Scroll down for your free writing prompt inspired by these classes, and I hope to see you soon.

Writing The Marketable Picture Book
Literary Games: The Art of The Found Story
Zombies, Space Ships, Killer Robots: Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing
Get Your Picture Book Published
Memorable Memoir Bootcamp
Addictive Fiction: Writing The Knock Out Novel
A Novel Approach: Mastering The Long Form Story
It's Story Time: Storytelling For Kids
Short Story Reboot: Rescuing Your Crashed Creation

Journalism/Web Writing
Work The Room: Mastering The Power of The Cocktail Party Pitch
From Mad Men to Breaking Bad: Writing the Television Drama

Writing Prompt:

As I mentioned before, this writing prompt is inspired by our Mini BootcampTwitter and Short Story classes this week and next week that pay homage to compact stories.  Here's a recipe for your own story that pays homage to small things.

Make a list of 5 things that you love that are short or small. Feel free to steal a few of mine (e.g. poems, flash fiction, little kids and the honest and funny things they say, comebacks, dark chocolate nibs from TJ's, miniskirts, mini cupcakes). Now pick one. Add a specific sensory detail (smell, sound, taste, touch) that conveys what you love about this thing (e.g. For mini skirts, the feel of soft, stretchy fabric against my thigh).

Spend 10 minutes writing a story, poem, or scene that includes this short or small thing and the specific sensory detail. Don't forget to post the results of your writing session in the comments of this blog to be entered into the May/June contest!

Write about something that you love that is short or small. Post your story, scene or poem in the comments of this blog for your chance to win a free class!

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