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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fantastic Freelancer: Sophia Kercher

By Halie Rosenberg

Meet Sophia Kercher, the first of many fabulous Writing Pad alums that we plan to introduce you to. Sophia is a regular freelance writer for the LA Times and LA Weekly! She is also a fact checker and researcher for LA Times Magazine . She has been writing freelance for about two and a half years. She dreams of writing a book. In the meantime (and probably after), you can find Sophia honing her craft at Writing Pad. In fact, the first story that Sophia work-shopped in class, In-Flight Husband, was published in LA Weekly!

Sophia first met Marilyn in 2007 at the West Hollywood Book Fair and was “lured by the tasty snacks at the booth.” After signing up for her first class, Sophia found that Writing Pad was not only a place to take classes, it also became a big part of her “creative community,” a discovery that she credits with keeping her motivated. She says Writing Pad, “not only helped me with my writing practice, but it's been a terrific social outlet. I've made friends at the Pad.”

Sophia adds, “I took tons of writing classes in college. What's different about Writing Pad is that it doesn't feel anything like a stiff classroom, it's more like...sitting in a hip person's (who you always wanted to be friends with) living room and she is also feeding you some of the best food you have ever tasted!” Sophia (along with anyone else who has ever stepped foot in WP) is crazy for Adel’s brunch and desserts.

You can check out Sophia’s fabulous articles at LA Weekly, the LA Times, and her fashion forward website. Thanks so much to Sophia to being our first Awesome Alum. If you think someone that you love from Writing Pad should be a part of this series, please let us know!


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Isn't Sophia impressive? I think so!


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Also, great interview, Halie!