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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writing Prompt 2/11/2010: Adult Beverage Prompt

By Marilyn Friedman

It's almost Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays (I'm a sucker for too much candy and romance)! So I've created a writing prompt that's sure to help you get in the Valentine's Day mood.

But before I get to that--don't forget that Writing Pad has some wonderful classes in February. All classes include Adel Aschenbrener's amazing desserts or brunch tasting plates (what a treat!).

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Writing Prompt: Make a list of three of your favorite adult beverages. Pick one and add a sensory detail to it (smell, taste, touch, sight, sound). Then write about it for ten minutes. If you're not a drinker, then write a recipe for the ideal Valentine's Day. Check out Adel's recipe this month for inspiration. Post your story in the comments!

Also, the picture above is The St-Germain Cocktail. St-Germain is an elderflower liquor that comes in a beautiful bottle. It has a light, slightly sweet taste to it. Here's the recipe for that cocktail:

1.5 Parts St-Germain
2 Parts Champagne (even Freixinet or Prosecco works well)
2 Parts Club Soda or Sparkling Water

Stir ingredients, garnish with a lemon twist. Enjoy!

Comment on this blog: What is your favorite adult beverage/cocktail? Or, what is your recipe for the perfect Valentine's Day? Tell me more in the comments of this blog. You could win a free class!


Kristina said...

My go to drink is vanilla Stoli and ginger ale. This beverage scores points for taste and for its inability to result in a hangover. Last month I discovered sweet tea vodka. Mix with lemonade and enjoy on your porch for some real southern comfort!

ed decker said...

The dirty Stoli martini pleases me a great deal.

Basically, you fill a tin with vodka, shake the fuck out of it to make the booze as cold as possible. Then you pour in a dollop of dirty olive juice (by "dirty," I mean that the juice is cloudy, with small floaties of olive and pimentos)swirl and serve. You should finish the beverage in three or four gulps. The dirty martini is not a sipping martini.

They do, of course, inspire ferocious hangovers. And to be honest, I'm not crazy about the martini glass. I'm just not a big fan of stems. Even vino I like to drink in quasi-classy, bucket or highball glasses. Ditto martinis. I just think stemmed glasses are too fragile, the glass too thin, and--if the stem is tall--the cocktail is too easy to knock over. I never have a feeling of security when drinking from stemmed glasses.

In the end, it's a dirty Stoli martini. It's not meant to be an uptown beverage. If dirty martini ever met vanilla vodka in an alley, he would kick his ass, steal photos of his wife and children, and drop the wallet in a puddle of alley-scum.

Writing Pad said...


I LOVE these stories. I will respond with likes and remembers by the end of Tuesday (just got back from San Diego for the So Cal Writer's Conference) so please be patient with me. :)


Writing Pad said...

Kristina--I love your post and these beverage suggestions! I love vanilla Stoli and ginger, that it is tasty and doesn't cause a hangover. I also love the "southern comfort" sweet tea vodka drink.


Writing Pad said...

Ed Decker in da blog house! Ed--I love this mini-story/recipe. I love "shake the fuck out of it," the clarification of what dirty means, the dissing of stemmed glasses, and the kind of personality that a dirty Stoli martini would have. "He would kick" the vanilla vodka's ass, "steal photos of his wife and children and drop the wallet in a puddle of alley-scum." Fabulous!

Thanks for posting you two. I'll try both of your narrator's drinks later. ;)


bristahsouljah said...

Rittenhouse Rye Manhattan on the rocks followed by copious amounts of coconut water the next morning.

svanneil said...

Kwak is the best beer ever.

It's Belgian and I've never been able to drink it without someone asking me just what the hell that thing is on the table. Served in a large hourglass-shaped glass beaker nestled in a bizarre wooden contraption that a junior-high kid cobbled together in third period, Kwak is maybe the greatest THING ever.

The best thing about drinking Kwak -- barring the really high alcohol content -- is that you immediately look like a drinker who knows what he or she is doing. This is no casual after-work cocktail with friends, but serious business indeed. Oh no, don't mind me as I sip from my science lab apparatus.

ed decker said...

yay, this blog is fun!

Writing Pad said...

Julie--Rittenhouse Rye Manhattan. I love that name! I also love the coconut water cure. My narrator will take note of that.


Writing Pad said...

Steve--I love the image of your narrator sipping from his science lab apparatus. I love the name, Kwak, and the description of the beaker!

Thanks for these great posts, guys. Now I know what I'm ordering next time I go out for a drinkie poo.


Writing Pad said...

Oh Ed, and thanks for the positive shout out! I'm glad you're having fun. These drink stories are fun!


Benny Blanch said...

Being 24 and an avid party person in my collegiate days, I've had a lot of experience with many different alcoholic beverages. From my first drunk experience off Smirnoff Ice to my first sip of America (budweiser) an all the hard shit in between, I have quite a diverse and eclectic pallet for booze. However, all above all, creme de creme for me is whiskey, specifically bourbon. There's something manly and historic with this golden drink. I first become accustom to drinking whiskey by swigging it from the bottle at parties. It always made me warm not without a cringe in my facial muscles and saliva filling my mouth to get down that wretched sting. But, after more experience, I began drinking it with Coke and Ginger Ale at obscene levels, often leading to a memory loss black out. It was just too damn easy to drink. It was an elixir that calmed the stomach and intoxicated the mind all while quenching the thirst. I always made them stiff as a board, mostly smelling bourbon with a hint of effervescent ginger whenever I took a sniff. More recently I've removed the soda and have been sipping Marker's Mark on the rocks. I feel that eventually all heavy drinkers evolve to the point where they don't need mixers for their booze because they actually like the taste of it. If you asked me when I was ten if I would someday enjoy the taste of alcohol I would've never believed you. But, look at my face now, after I sip a 4oz. pour of Maker's Mark with three ice cubes, after I taste that maplely sweet drink from Kentucky and you will see on my face elation.