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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Writing Prompt: Home (Compliments of Judy Reeves)

 by Marilyn Friedman    

Judy Reeves will be visiting us from San Diego to teach two classes at the Pad on Saturday, November 12th--Speedwriting: Getting It Down Fast and Clean and Writing Reboot: Rescuing Your Crashed Creation!  Judy is the author of "A Writer's Book of Days," one of Writer's Digest's "hottest writing books" on the market.  "A Writer's Book of Days" helped me re-establish my own writing practice 12 years ago after I had a long writing hiatus.  It has a different writing prompt for every day of the year and is chocked full of wonderful information to help you take your writing to the next level. 

When I first met Judy three years ago at the Southern California Writers conference, I was thrilled to meet my writing idol. "I loved your book! It helped me so much.  It was so hard to get back into writing, but I felt like you were cheering me on every day with your terrific writing prompts," I told her.

The fantastic Judy Reeves
"I was cheering you on!" Judy replied.  I took several of Judy's seminars at the conference, and she further impressed me with her knowledge of writing craft.  In just a few minutes, Judy helped me fix an essay that I had been struggling with for months.  Armed with Judy's editing suggestions, I polished my essay and one week later, read it at a literary variety show.  I not only got a standing ovation but was later contacted by a literary agent who'd heard about my piece from a client who'd attended the show.  If you take Writing Reboot: Rescuing Your Crashed Creation, Judy can work her literary fix-it magic on you too!

While you are anxiously waiting for Judy's classes on the 12th, I recommend watching these short interviews to hear her helpful tips on writing craft and practice and learn the harrowing story behind "A Writer's Book of Days."  You can sign up for one of Judy's classes or any other class by clicking "Buy Now" at the bottom of the class descriptions at the links below, by calling 323-333-2954, or emailing to grab a spot before they are full!

November Classes
In honor of Judy's visit, here's a November writing prompt from "A Writers' Book of Days."  I chose this prompt in particular because it reminded me of the intense feelings that can sometimes accompany family visits on Thanksgiving and the holidays.  Make a list of 5 things that come to mind when I say, "This is not my home" (after Elizabeth Bishop). Pick one.  Now write down a sensory detail (smell, taste, sound, touch) to go along with that situation or place.  Set the timer for 10 min. and write, and make sure that you include the sensory detail in your piece.  You can repeat the words, "This is not my home" several times if it helps kickstart your imagination.  When you are done, post your write in the comments of this blog!

Comment on this blog!  Write what comes to mind when I say, "This is not my home."  If you post your story in the comments of this blog, you could win a free class!

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Simone Says... said...

This is not my home. I know this because I don't eat fish, and there's a pungent scent of microwaved fish in the air. I also know this isn't my home from the bright glare coming off of the florescent lights above. In my home I use soft lighting to hide my skin imperfections and crow's feet. This uncomfortable chair destroys any hope for good posture and is surely the culprit responsible for my back spasms. The constant low-end buzz of air blowing from the vents above assure me - this is not my home. I wouldn't face my desk toward the corner, leaving my back exposed to random homicidal maniacs. I absolutely wouldn't allow these loud-talking, brash people into my home. Yet, I spend more time here, among these strangers and their incessant banter, than I do in my home. I'm constantly starving. My feet are cold. There are no soft cuddly blankets to wrap around my shoulders. I don't see one piece of artwork on these barren walls. This is definitely not my home.