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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Writing Prompt 8/19/2010: Superpower

By Marilyn Friedman

The Writing Pad High Desert Retreat is now shorter and more affordable! It is now over a weekend. Partake of 2 nights/2 days of a mini-vacation in a rustic wonderland where you can indulge yourself, relax, get a ton of writing done and just have fun!

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Here are the details:
Instructors: Marilyn Friedman of Writing Pad and Chris DeLorenzo of Laguna Writers
Where: The chic 29 Palms Inn in Joshua Tree, CA
When: October 22-24, 2010 (Friday Night to Sunday Afternoon)
Cost: Tuition, Lodging at 29 Palms Inn, Gourmet Meals Prepared by The Writing Pad Executive Chef, One on One Consultation, and Activities for 2 nights, 2 days:
$800 single room/$700 shared room
(To add a 3rd night with a Monday a.m. class: $270 single room/$170 shared room. This is optional.) A $500 deposit will hold your spot.
Deadline to RSVP: September 5th
To RSVP or for questions: Call 323-333-2954.

Writing Prompt:
If you had a superpower, what would it be? Make a list of 5 superpowers. Do you wish you could fly or shape shift or stop time? Let your imagination go! Now pick one superpower and write about it for ten minutes. Then post your mini-story in the comments of this blog!

Comment on this blog! If you had a superpower, what would it be? The best mini-story of August/September will win a free class!


Anonymous said...

I want to go back in time. My super power would definitely be time travel. Obviously the biggest benefit of this super power is the ability to prevent disaster and save lives. Before I even contemplate the possibilities, my mind automatically focuses on the more self serving perk of this superpower. I could correct all my past mistakes, and possibly others' as well. There is no limit to the amount of things I would do differently. People say they have no regrets, and if given the chance they wouldn't change a thing. People are liars, everyone would make different choices. Decisions as miniscule as buying that unforgettable dress, or as life altering as deciding not to take that first hit. The possibilities are infinite.
I would go back and make out with a ton of boys. Crippled with insecurity like most other girls in high school and college, I did not take advantage of all(or any) adorable boys like I should have. Yes my fear was accurate in that Larry Lacrosse Player would not call me the next day, but years later I realize, do you really want them to anyway?
On a more serious note, I would definitely fly away in my Dolorian with Marty McFly and STOP my sister from marrying the british con artist. When the preacher asks for people with reservations to the marriage to stand up, noone actually does. They should. This would make weddings a lot more interesting to attend, and possibly prevent divorce. Although I'm sure Rebecca would have married Sebastian no matter how many people objected in that church. It was that important for her to stay on her life path. The one that had her pregnant with an SUV by 30.

Writing Pad said...

Anonymous--thanks for posting! I love the spunky voice of your narrator. I love it when she says things like, "People are liars," or that people should stand up at weddings and protest. I also love that the narrator would go back and make out with a lot of boys. Fabulous!


Writing Pad said...

If I were a superhero, I’d like to be “Do-over” Woman. My superpower would allow me to rewind, travel back in time, and have a second shot at those moments that I regret the most: a cut and paste function for life. In the palm of my hand, I would carry the smooth, polished stones of thirty something wisdom. I’d paint over my twenties with a bolder, brighter shade of lemon yellow. On second try, I would be rational and calculated. I wouldn’t be distracted by the storm clouds of impulse or anger.

That night he walked me home from the business school party, I would have said goodbye to Skip at my doorstep. I wouldn’t have invited him into the house for a glass of wine. I would avoid the turbulent, emotional roller coaster ride of our relationship that left jagged scars on my heart and psyche. I wouldn’t have listened to my conservative parents, and I would have pursued a creative life right after college.

And once I fixed all of my mistakes with my invisible life correction tape, “Do-over” woman could use her powers to help others. If I formed a cone with my hand, I could project the future of a friend or family member’s bad choice onto the wall. Then I’d beam back in time with them and help them mend the holes and runs of their life decisions gone wrong.


Kristina said...

If I was granted a super power, it would be to read minds. I would have the power to shut it off and on at will so I didn't invade the heads of the innocent.

Erin said...

I wish I could teleport myself places, especially in L.A. traffic.

Writing Pad said...

Kristina--Thanks for commenting! I love that the superpower could be shut off so the narrator wouldn't "invade the minds of the innocent." Fabulous!

Erin--I agree with your narrator. I love that the teleportation will be used to get out of LA traffic! Nice!