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Monday, October 4, 2010

Writing Prompt 10/4/10: Games, Games, Games!

By Marilyn Friedman

Writing Pad and Laguna Writers want to offer a full scholarship for one broke writer to go to the High Desert Retreat. Please donate! We are so close to our goal!

We will take any amount, but for $20 or more, you will be entered into the raffle for a five week class series at Writing Pad ($275 value) or a 1 day workshop at Laguna Writers ($150 value)! Raffle tickets can be purchased at $5 each beyond the initial $20 donation. Email with the amount you want to donate.

All donations must be in by this Thursday to participate in the raffle.
Both raffles will take place at Writing Pad in front of our Thursday night class, but you do not need to be present to win.
Also, check out Writing Pad's new classes! We've discounted our prices for October and changed the schedule around a little. Take advantage of these delectable classes at new, affordable rates! Call 323-333-2954 before they are full!

Writing Prompt: Make a list of your five favorite games from childhood. Pick one and write about it for 10 minutes. Make sure to include some sensory detail about that game (smell, taste, sound, touch, sight). Then post your results in the comments of this blog!

Example: One of my favorite games was "Trouble." So I will write for 10 minutes about "Trouble" and the loud popping sound of the Pop-O-Matic that jiggled around the die.

Comment on this blog! Write about a game that you loved as a child. The best mini-story of October/November will win a free class! The Aug./Sept. comment contest winner will be announced soon. All comments will receive likes and remembers from Marilyn.

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Writing Pad said...

And the winners are (as witnessed by the Oct. 7th, Thursday night class at Writing Pad): Eric Fraser for the 5 week class series at Writing Pad and Heather Tuggle for the 1 day class at Laguna Writers!! Congrats!

And thank you so much to everyone for donating/participating in the raffle. It takes a village! :)