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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writing Prompt: Memorable Concerts

By Marilyn Friedman

I am very excited to announce that Writing Pad is offering several classes on the Westside of LA in June! Join us for these five classes in Culver City:

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Also, if you have a small biz, a book, a blog, or a show that you want to promote, we are having another round of the Copywriting Ninja Skills Workshop with award-winning writer Lauren Smith of TBWA/Chiat/Day next Friday at Writing Pad East! Normally, you'd have to be a multi-million dollar company to get access to Lauren's expertise, but for only $90, she'll teach you how to develop a brand manifesto and compelling email and web copy. This class will blow your mind so you won't want to miss out. Email or click on the "Buy Now" links on my website to sign up before these classes are full.

I hope that you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and get lots of writing done. I intend to!


Me.Com: A Copywriting Ninja Skills Workshop
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What's On Your Mind? Building Your Brand Through Social Media*

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Writing For Actors
It's All About You: A One-Person Show Workshop

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Meet Me Now, Squeeze Me Later: Crafting the Studio Romantic Comedy*

*These classes will be offered in Culver City!

Writing Prompt: With June almost here, we are getting out our picnic blankets and spending our evenings at outdoor concerts. In the spirit of the season of outdoor concerts, I'd like you to make a list of 3 memorable concerts that you have attended. Pick one. Now add a specific detail that you remember about that concert (e.g. the sound of cicadas chirping in the background, the John Mellencamp T-shirt your boyfriend wore to the concert even though it was full of holes, the cloud of pot smoke that you had to pass through to buy a soft pretzel). Write about the concert for 10 min., including the specific detail! Give us a scene, a story or a poem.

I'm going to write about the awkward Don Henley concert that I went to with a boyfriend that I had just broken up with. What are you going to write about?

Write about a memorable concert that you attended. Post your 10 minute write in the comments of this blog, and you could win a free class!


Daisy Mo said...

It was a chilly night in September. Summer was on its way out and was taking the wide-open energy of the Hollywood Bowl with it. Mike and I both loved Bright Eyes, and so it was a no-brainer that we would go, even though we were in the throes of a breakup. After five years together, our differences had grown and coalesced to form something large and unavoidable, like the elephant in the room only sadder, perhaps the dying elephant in the room.

We sat huddled under our sweatshirts as the graceful strains of the orchestra washed over us, along with Conor Oberst’s plaintively powerful voice. He sang about bittersweet love in the way that only he could, and the notes hit us in a way that only we could feel.

"You’re the yellow bird that I’ve been waiting for."

A half-finished plastic cup of red wine sat on the seat next to me. I wanted to feel the pinch of its pungent sweetness, but it had encouraged me to feel too much already.

Conor hit his crescendo near the end, and for the last few songs Mike and I gave up and let the tears flow down our cheeks, turning frigid in the night air. There were thousands of us huddled there in the golden glow of the stage, but just above us, the sky was dark and cold. We savored the last notes of beautiful music, holding hands, feeling the joy and pain of all that had been, all that would soon cease to be, and then Conor stopped singing and the band stopped playing, and it was over.

Jesse Noonan said...

Troubadours of Folk

Remember that 2-day folk concert at UCLA your dad dropped us off at? We bought those tickets at the Rhino Records on the promenade and were so excited that not just Joan Baez but also Arlo Gurthrie and Peter, Paul, and Mary were going to be there? And it was 1992? I remember.

We listed to Bob Dylan records on the turntable in your bedroom, sitting up close to the speakers so we could hear the audience and Bobby D’s comments and the scratch of the record, thinking we were way cool to be this caught up in the music of our parents’ generation. We cried in the incense-filled candle-lit room as Joan Baez recounted her husband’s arrest at an anti-war protest. So unfair. So much love.

And we bought wreathes of flowers for our hair without a touch of irony. I was 14 and didn’t wash my hair that much. I parted it in the middle and hoped the waves would work themselves out. I stuck that wreathe on my dirty hair and felt a very much a part of it all.

Remember when we ate beer-battered onion rings and wondered if we could get a buzz off of them, but also wondered what was the point of beer battering something? Remember when the college kids sitting near our tarp (remember when the rains came?) started smoking on a glass pipe and the smell of burned sage that had to have been pot wafted towards us and we decided we were going to get a contact high? We were positive we were drunk and high from onion rings and concert-going neighbors.

Remember when we bought matching hemp friendship bracelets?

Remember when it got cold and wet but neither of us wanted to admit to the other we were no longer having fun, so we just laughed a little louder and swayed with the Richie Havens song back and forth like we were at Woodstock?


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