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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad Guys and Great Writing - Villains, Geniuses, and Schemers

By Amy Robinson

Join us for devious plotting, gourmet snacking, and movie watching at Writing Pad on Saturday, April 17th!

Film critic and freelance writer, Tim Grierson, will be teaching Villians, Geniuses, and Schemers: Awesome Antagonists and Conflict, a writing class to help you create the perfect villain for your screenplay, novel, memoir, or short story. The brilliant and devious Salieri of Amadeus, will provide inspiration for our antagonists.

Also, check out Tim’s recent LA Weekly article that revisits the genius of Amadeus in comparison to this year's Oscar fare. Call 323-333-2954 to sign up for this fantastic class!


Writing Pad said...

Great blog post Amy, and great article on LA Weekly, Tim! I can't wait to take the class and watch the movie again. It's been years but it's one of my favorites.


DjVrej said...

For me Milos Forman's "Amadeaus" is like comfort food. Whenever I can't bring myself to watch one of my overly ambitious French or Scandinavian Netflix selections I default to the warm comfort of this masterpiece.

"Cappezzoli di Venere. Nipples of Venus. Roman chestnuts in brandied sugar. Won't you try one? They're quite surprising."

Writing Pad said...

Hi Sevag!

I agree! And that's one of my favorite scenes. Maybe we can ask Adel to make some Nipples of Venus for us. :)