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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Writing Pad Gift Guide For Writers

This week, I was inspired by Daily Candy’s hipster holiday gift guides. So here are my gift suggestions for your friends and loved ones who are writers:

1. “Work-shopping”
Writing Pad’s gourmet writing classes are as fun as shopping but are deliciously productive. Our gift certificates are packaged in pretty envelopes. It’s a very thoughtful gift for someone who wants to write or is already a writer. It says to your loved one—indulge your passion, on me! Email to get one.

Cost: $30-$350 ($10 off sale on 1 day classes--$60)

2. “Book Smarts”
Aaron Henne’s writing exercise book, You Already Know is a fantastic inspiration tool for writers of all kinds. I have found its collection of 80 exercises to be super helpful for my own writing craft and practice (I write poetry and memoir).
Cost: $15 plus shipping and handling

3. “Pocket Sized Idea Catcher”
I love these colorful Moleskin journals—they look good and fit in your coat pocket or purse. You can personalize them by gluing your favorite photo or postcard onto them too or just leave them as is.

Cost: $5.95 to $12.00 plus shipping and handling

4. “Ready To Write” Wear
Be trendy AND comfortable when you sit down to write. Michael Crowe’s “Il Corvo” T-shirts are eye catching and buttery soft. Plus, he’s a Writing Pad student! I own the “woman getting oxygen” T-shirt and find the image to be humorous and calming when I wear it.

Cost: $21.49 (free shipping)

5. “Tea for Two”
Tea has magical powers to unblock one’s creativity. That's why I sip tea when I put pen to page. Carmelized pear is my favorite tea, but The Art of Tea has so many tasty choices. The silver tin and a writing buddy to share your tea with are optional.

Cost: $12 to $47 plus shipping and handling

6. “Wrap Up Your Words”
Short on cash? Wow your loved ones with an ode, a story, or a heartfelt letter. Print it out on nice paper and use a presentation envelope if you like. It’ll be a unique gift they’ll hold dear forever.
Cost: $0-6.75 for envelopes plus shipping and handling


cricketwang said...

These are great gift ideas! I know from personal experience that writing someone an ode or love letter will win you brownie points BIG TIME.

Writing Pad said...

Thanks, Natasha! I agree.

If anyone is worried about their ode coming out too sappy, then write the sappiest ode you can imagine--it works.

And. . .if you're too scared to write an ode, then come to Writing Pad class--we'll help you! :)