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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writing Prompt: First Love

By Marilyn Friedman
Whether or not you want it to, Valentine's Day will be here before you know it.  So we have some fun classes to help you get in the mood!  You won't want to miss I Love You Silly: Crafting The Perfect Romance Novel with RITA award-nominated author Zoe Archer on Feb. 12th and Meet Me Now, Squeeze Me Later: Crafting the Studio Romantic Comedy on Feb. 15th with Emmy award-nominated writer Victor Levin.  If you are in San Francisco next weekend, I'll be teaching Hanky Panky: Writing The Erotic on Feb. 11th at the Writing Salon.

Also, what could be more romantic and pampering than a weekend away, just you and your muse (and a bunch of sexy writers)?  The deadline to sign up for the Writing Pad Mountain Retreat (Mar. 9-11) is this coming Tuesday!  In the meantime, here's what else is on the menu at the Pad, and of course, below is your free writing prompt:

Writing The Story Worthy Life: Memorable Memoirs (with Monica Holloway, Meghan Daum, and Heather Havrilesky this Fri., Feb. 3)

Blogger's Paradise: Creating Irresistible Content
Storytelling at Light Speed: The Art of Flash Fiction
I Love You Silly: Crafting The Perfect Romance Novel
It's All About You: A One-Person Show Workshop


Fiction, Memoir, Romance
Memorable Memoir: Make Your True Tales Thrilling

Journalism, Personal Essay and Web Writing
Literary Feast: Writing A Culinary Masterpiece
You in 1200 Words: Writing and Publishing The Personal Essay

Playwriting and Writing For Actors
From The Page To The Stage: Finish That One-Person Show

Meet Me Now, Squeeze Me Later: Crafting the Studio Romantic Comedy
Work The Room: Mastering The Power of The Pitch

Writing Prompt: Make a list of your 3 first loves (or your fictional character's first love).  Pick one and add a sensory detail that you associate with that person (smell, taste, sound, touch) and write for 10 minutes about that person.  Then, post your writing in the comments of this blog for the chance to win a free writing class. My husband's first love was a girl he met at camp.  He says that her kisses smelled like jasmine flowers.  Boy oh boy, does that make me jealous!  My first love was a boy who I was afraid would lock braces with me if he ever kissed me.

Write about your first love.  Post your 10 minute write in the comments of this blog, and you could win a free class!

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Kristin P. ( said...

I think that if he got down on his knee today, Mikey would still be taller than he was the day he proposed to me. He did it standing up, with one hand clutching a melting cherry popsicle and the other a clear plastic egg with a ring inside. I said yes, because that's what the grown ups do in the movies. Soon, news had spread across the playground that Blue Kitty (I refused to answer to anything else during that time) and Mikey were to be married. The entire preschool rejoiced: "We are having a wedding!" they shouted. Before long, the teachers were involved and Mikey and I were whisked away from each other to prepare for the ceremony. While I was being draped in a gown of white toilet paper, and little girls dropped hastily-pulled yellow flowers in a pile by my feet before running out to gather more (what an excuse to pull up the garden!), Mrs. Parker asked me if I loved Mikey. "Sure" I said. Before long I was clutching the little yellow flowers, their dirty roots sticking out through the bottom of my fist, and making my way down the grassy isle towards Mikey. Mr. Daniels had given me a tin foil ring which, once I had reached the end of the aisle, I exchanged for the gold & ruby one a which was now free of the plastic egg. At the climax of the ceremony, we hugged briefly while the school applauded our joy. Later, during a ride around the playground track together and with the sound of tin cans clanging on the pavement, I held Mikey's hand. It smelled like cherries.