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Monday, February 8, 2010

January Comment Contest Winner

By Marilyn Friedman

Happy rainy evening! What is better than writing on a rainy day or night? Eating and writing in front of a crackling fire. You can do that at Writing Pad, that is, if you snatch up the last couple of spots in these amazing classes:

Call 323-333-2954 before the classes are full! It'll be your Valentine's day present to yourself.

I know that you are wondering who won the January comment contest. It's Stacy-Colleen Nameth!

Her terrific story about a father who could breathe smoke like a dragon is here:

When asked what inspires her to write, Stacy-Colleen said, "the thoughts in my head that sound better on paper than said aloud to people in line at the grocery, the little moments where I laugh aloud at my own words, my super amazing family, Marilyn [her writing teacher] and Halie [her writing partner]!" Those things sound very inspiring, Stacy-Colleen. Congratulations!

Check out all of the wonderful writing that folks did this month and keep posting your stories! There is another comment contest in February. :)


H.M.R. said...

Yay! Congrats Stacy-Colleen! Such a powerful piece!!!

Writing Pad said...

I agree--it was a very moving piece! Congrats, Stacy-Colleen!