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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time To Write Tuesday - Free Writing Prompt

Those Ziploc baggies filled with Amish Friendship Bread starter sourdough are making the rounds again.  That takes me back to the 70's, when my Mom was always making super yummy Herman Coffee Cake with that stuff. Which brings me to your FREE writing prompt for this Time To Write Tuesday!

What was the best food that Mom (or Dad) used to make for you?  What was the worst? Make a list of the tastiest and/or most cringe worthy.  Pick one and write it out!  
Write for 10 minutes over lunch or tonight while you are waiting for the pizza delivery guy. 

If that leaves your pen hungry, there is more homemade inspiration at Writing Pad this summer! We only have a few spots left for Aaron Henne's Finishing School (with an all new format!) and Tim Grierson's personal essay workshop series, So You Want to Go to Harvard: Inside the Personal Essay. Adel will be whipping up some amazing gourmet dishes such as polenta with truffled onion relish and baked apples with caramel sauce, just like mom used to make! 

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