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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Summer Comment Contest Winners

By Marilyn Friedman

We had so many fantastic story submissions for the summer comment contests. Below are the contest winners. If you didn't win this last round of contests, please continue commenting on this blog with your wonderful stories and poems. Remember, there is a new contest for October/November!

But before we tell you who won a free class at Writing Pad, here are some amazing courses that we have coming up soon on the West and East side of LA. You won't want to miss them!  Classes with an * will be held on the Westside of LA.

Comment Contest Winners
Jesse Sage Noonan
 May I have a drum roll please? The April/May Comment Contest Winner is Jesse Sage Noonan! Congratulations, Jesse! I asked the Jesse what inspires her to write. She says, "On a good day: a great novel will spark the desire to craft sentences or explore ideas for stories. On a bad day: guilt." You can read Jesse's wonderful piece about a memorable concert here.

Ethel Watson
The winner of the June/July Comment Contest is Ethel Watson!
Congratulations, Ethel! I asked Ethel about her writing practice. She says, "I like to write early in the morning at the computer, especially if I have hit on an idea or solution that I want to get down quickly. Often, though, I prefer to write in longhand in one of my many notebooks -- writing in longhand is more like meditation, and my notebooks are home to many of the writings from my Writing Pad classes and a source of inspiration. "
You can read Ethel's charming pieces about motherly talents and what's in her refrigerator here and here.

I hope to see you soon either on this blog or at Writing Pad West or East!

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