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Monday, August 19, 2013

Writing Prompt: Good Party Stories

Meet Dalia, WP Event Manager
By Dalia Martinez

Summer’s almost over! School’s around the corner and pretty soon you’ll be bragging about where you got those sexy tan lines. Before you unpack those suitcases (come on, it’s been three weeks already!) we’re asking you to do some writing for this week’s prompt. Don't worry, it's a fun one.

And before we have a little Writing Pad hiatus of our own till the beginning of September, we have two fantastic events coming up this week to keep those story ideas sparking in your heads. This Wednesday night, Marilyn is performing an essay at Taboo Tales, one of the best storytelling shows in LA. Also, Emmy-nominated Brian Finkelstein's 5-week storytelling class is having a Storytelling Essay Showcase on Thursday at Writing Pad DTLA at 8 p.m. for free! Entertainment and laughter are guaranteed. The students are very talented and Brian is always a hysterically funny host.

This week's writing prompt is inspired by our writing for performance classes in September. You won't want to miss award-winning actor and writer Iris Bahr's (Curb Your Enthusiasm) one-night solo-show class on Monday, Sept. 9th. Iris will help you find your literary mojo and start crafting a solo-show that will leave the audience breathless!

Also, Brian Finkelstein's next 5-week storytelling class on Monday nights starts Sept. 16. You'll finish two storytelling essays and get to perform one! Marilyn just finished taking this class and loved it. It's a ton of fun, and you'll learn so much about the structure of storytelling and how to craft sympathetic characters. It'll help you with any genre of writing: essay writing, writing for performance, fiction, etc.

Below is what we have planned for you so far this fall (and this week). We hope to see you soon and that you enjoy the rest of your summer.

Writing Pad Events
Taboo Tales
Storytelling Essay Showcase
Hot, Black, and Literary: A Conversation With Erin Aubry Kaplan, Issa Rae, Percival Everett
The Secret To Getting Your Book Published
Writers With Drinks 

Journalism/Web Writing
You In 1200 Words: Writing and Publishing The Personal Essay (5 Wk)
What Do You Think? Writing the Op-Ed or Cultural Essay
Stuff I Like: Crafting An Irresistible Blog
How to Make it in a World of Mad Men: Intro to Advertising/Copywriting

Micro Short Stories: Writing and Publishing Flash Fiction (4 Wk)
Memorable Memoir Bootcamp
Your Name In Print: Get Your Story Published
Writing The Marketable Picture Book (5 Wk)
A Novel Approach: Tackling The Long Format Writing Project (5 Wk)
A Novel Approach: Mastering The Long Format Story (1 Day)

Writing for Actors
It's All About You: A One-Person Show Workshop (1 Night)
Storytelling Plus (5 Week)
It's All About You: A One-Person Show Workshop (5 Wk Intensive)
From The Page To The Stage: A One-Person Show Workshop

Writing A Pilot That Can Fly (6 Wk)
Dream It, Write It, Pitch It: Screenwriting Bootcamp

Writing Prompt:
Make a list of three stories you always tell at parties (e.g. a really bad date, the time that you thought you were gong to die on vacation, a crazy drinking tale). Pick one. Now add a sensory detail to the story (e.g. smell, taste, sound, touch). Write about your good party story for ten minutes, including the sensory detail and post your results in the comments of this blog!

Allow me to illustrate…

There was a time I camped at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Was it the river water or seafood? I didn’t know what idiotic thing I had consumed. I was enjoying an otherwise beautiful African summer day. But something in my stomach went wrong. Very, very wrong. I spent hours upon hours in the campground bathrooms perched next to a toilet that reminded me of prison movies. The bathroom had no windows, the stalls had no doors and I didn’t care about the mysterious water puddles on the filthy concrete floor. I was so consumed with my own workings I wasn’t bothered by other bathroom smells. I rested my sweaty and achy head on the cold walls. After two weeks of tanning, my cheeks were a balmy white. Blue-balled monkeys loitered and I SWEAR one of them pointed at me in my state of disgrace. I nearly died. Well, it felt that way…

Even the most careful, seasoned, five-star traveler is susceptible to Delhi Belly, Montezuma’s revenge, riots, rough planes rides… etc.   

Write about time you almost died on vacation or did something really stupid under the influence for 10 minutes. Then, post your crazy party story below. and you could win a free writing class!

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