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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

May/June Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to our May/June comment contest! If you didn't win this round, there's still plenty of time to be entered into our July/August contest for a chance to win a free one day writing class.

And the winner of the May/June contest is...Rebecca Green!

We asked Rebecca a few questions about her writing process:

What's your favorite place to write?
Anywhere outside -- could be the small plot of land I call my garden, or the courtyard of an outdoor mall, or a cafe table on a sidewalk.  I just want sunlight and breeze.

What inspires you to write?
I'm inspired to write when I sense that writing could help me reach a resolution. Maybe I'm processing loss or heartbreak or joy, maybe I'm trying to figure out why I love the desert so much or whether I've grown and changed as much as I hoped to.  I just get this feeling that if I write, I'll find clarity.  

You can read her response to our "Dream Job" writing prompt here.

Congratulations, Rebecca! We're looking forward to reading the entries for the July/August contest. Please keep posting your stories.

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